Fabrication Facilities

International Tank Service can respond quickly to our customer’s tank needs because of our on-site fabrication facility. Here we cut, roll and fabricate roofs, shells, bottoms, and structural and make up accessory fittings for the tanks. Completed components are shipped via our own trucks or commercial motor freight, whichever is more expedient. To assure control over production schedules, our shop’s priority is to our own field-erection projects. If you have an emergency that requires an immediate response, we can do it.

Fab Shop Equipment

  • Bertsch Plate Roll
    Capacity: 10’-0” W x 1-3/16” TH
  • King Vertical Turrett Lathe
    Capacity: 42” Diameter
  • Burny 10 CNC Plasma Table
    Capacity: 10’-0”W x 50’-0”Lx2” TH
    CNC controlled plasma cutting machine with 50’ x 11’ water table and AutoCAD downloading capability (16ga and 1’’ thick)
  • Roundo Angle Roll
    Capacity: 5”x 5” x ½”
  • Fosdick Radial Drill
    Capacity: 13” Column x 5’-0” Arm
  • Driess & Krump Press Brake
    Capicity: 300 Ton
  • Vertical Saw
    18’’x20’’x 60 long
  • Lathe
    20’’ x 80’’ x 60’ long
  • Plate Sheer
    10ga x10’ wide
  • CNC controlled burn table
    50’ x 11’ water table and AutoCAD downloading capacity (10ga and 4’’ thick)
  • Overhead Bridge Cranes
    5ton, 6ton, 2-10ton