Safety Program

International Tank Service, Inc. is committed to providing safety for everyone, not only their own workers, but for workers around them.

Safety Program

Through technology and innovation we are implementing new and advanced safety practices constantly. At International Tank Service, one accident is too many. As a leader in the industry, ITS looks beyond customer and government regulations insuring the highest safety standards in the industry.

“Commitment to Safety”

The safety and health of our employees is the first consideration in the operations of International Tank Service, Incorporated. Safety and health in our business must be a part of every operation. Without question it is every employee’s responsibility at all levels to ensure that projects are completed safely.

Our objective is a health, safety, security and environmental program that will reduce the number of injuries and illnesses to an absolute minimum, not merely in keeping with, but surpassing, the best experience of operations similar to ours. Our number one goal is nothing less than zero accidents, incidents and injuries in the workplace.

Safety Solutions and Initiatives

In recent years ITS has taken strides forward in accident prevent and injury management. Better HSE training and education has lent itself to lowering incident ratings annually. A Medical Management Group has allowed our company to better handle incidents and accidents from a medical standpoint as well as from a compliance standpoint.

The trained medical staff and specialist from medical management group work on our behalf to ensure proper treatment while still keeping ITS in compliance with OSHA Reporting Standards.

Health, Safety, & Environment

In order to ensure all levels of employment understand our main goal of zero accidents, incidents, and injuries, ITS has committed to continually training and educating our personnel on all levels in all subjects concerning HSE matters. Through this training we are able to convey our message of safe working habits. This not only promotes safe working environments, but also promotes good working relationships between ITS and our customers.

In promoting safe work, our customers are able to enjoy added benefits. When our employees are working safely the customer will see; reduction in costs to complete projects, lower risk factors and better compliance with government standards. When our customers understand our commitment to safety, it gives them a greater sense of ease better piece of mind in trusting ITS to complete a project on schedule, in compliance, and safely.

Training and Education

It is our goal to continue mold and adapt to the ever changing world of safety. In order to do so we have developed a multi pronged approach:

  • We have set a final goal of zero incidents, accidents, and injuries.
  • We monitor each project individually to ensure success and safety work cooperatively.
  • Our safety training is Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) complaint when regarding subject matter.
  • We conduct annual OSHA 10 courses and refreshers.
  • All of our HSE programs are OSHA and United States Environmental Protection Agency (USEPA) complaint as a minimum, but often we strive to be a step above compliance.

We also participate in web based owner/contractor sourcing services. These services collect, verify and publish our compliance and prevention performance to member companies: